Josh Wilbur’s work can be heard on some of the most successful pop and rock albums of this decade, earning him a Grammy for Steve Earl’s “Washington Square Serenade” along with several other nominations throughout the years.

Although currently known for his album productions with various heavy metal juggernauts, Josh has one of the most balanced resumes one could ever find. Josh spent the early 2000s recording pop & R&B icons such as NSync, Lil Kim and Blaque before heading full steam into the rock world. For the next few years he began engineering and mixing for rock and pop power-houses such as Andy Wallace, GGGarth Richardson, Dr Luke, and Max Martin.

After honing his mixing and engineering skills alongside such formidable mentors, Josh jumped into producing records. Here, Josh helped “Lamb of God” garnish Grammy Nominations on 3 different records. Currently, amidst all the album production and mix work, Josh has still found time to mix singles for the TV show X-factor as well as other pop acts around the world.

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